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  Qualifying for a Loan
Interested in learning more?
 5 items a loan company considers to qualify you.
1. Income
Up to 31% of gross income can go towards your house payment
Your House payment + other credit debts (car payment, student loan payments, minimum credit card payments, alimony and child support payments) cannot exceed 43% of your gross monthly income.
2. Credit

4. Job History

   Two years of steady job history in         the same line of work.

   Two-year requirement may be               waived if you just got out of college.  

   Self employed or commissioned jobs    need two years of tax return.

​ 3. Mortgage/Rental History
     Pay your rent or house payment 
     on time!
5. Assets
Enough monies needed for down payment or closing costs.

Your money needs to come from verifiable sources: 
Banks, credit unions, investment companies, stocks, life insurance, etc.

Cash on hand for down payment or closing costs must be documented.