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   Improving My Credit
Interested in learning more?
Credit Reports pulled from three major reporting bureaus tell lenders:
    How well you pay your bills
    How much you currently pay on your credit bills
    How many charge-offs, collections, judgments / liens, bankruptcies and foreclosures you have

Tips for Improving My Credit
1. Have at least 12 months of "on time" payments
2. Keep your credit card balances no more than 30% of         their limit
3. Pay off collections and ask collectors to remove the         collection report
4. If you have no credit, open a credit card from your             bank and charge a tank of gas every month and pay it       off. Builds positive credit.
5. You will need two years after a bankruptcy and three       years after a foreclosure before you can get a loan.
6. After you qualify, don't make any large purchases until     after you close