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Ask a Realtor...
               ...and what they'll ask you.
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Commonly Asked Questions

1. What does it cost to use a Realtor?
    The normal fee for a real estate transaction in     Oklahoma is 6% of the home's selling price.        However, commission is not set by any                governing agency and can be negotiated.            This fee is split between the Realtor who lists      a home and another Realtor who sells (or            brings a buyer) to the listing Realtor.  That          fee  covers all the time, advertising,                    expenses, and expertise provided by your          Realtor.
2. Who Pays a Realtor?
   A Realtor is normally paid by the seller of the      property.
3. What does a Realtor do?
   A Realtor acts as a third party to help you find    a home that meets your needs. They will            advice you of the market value of your                current home or the home you are                      purchasing, assist you in the process of              getting a loan, negotiating and writing a               contract, and closing your home. Depending       on whether a Realtor is listing or selling a           home, their duties range from marketing,             research, legal paperwork, coordinating               inspections, getting needed paperwork to           lender and title company, and assisting you         with showing your home or viewing homes.
3. What do I do first if I am needing a new home?
    Find a Realtor to guide you through the               process. You will need to get pre-qualified           with a mortgage lender and find out what             price of home you can qualify for. Then let           your Realtor know where you wish to live and     what your home needs are. Let your Realtor       know what is important to you, your time             frame, how much you wish to spend, and           times when you can be available to view             homes on the market. 
 "How soon do you need a home?"
 "What do you want your monthly          investment to be?"
 "What area or city do you want to 
   live in?"
 "Do you have a home you need to        sell before buying a new home?"
 "Have you been pre-qualified by a        mortgage lender or bank yet?"
 "What features are you looking for in   a home?"
 "Do you desire new home construction or a pre-existing home?"
 "Is there something specific you           must have in your new home?"
 Questions a Realtor Might Ask!